The Golden Ways

How-to-put-a-fishing-line-on-a-reel, if you need to spool fishing lines on a spinning reel, here are the things you need to do: remove the old line until there is enough space for the new line. leave some line in the spool through the rod guides and past the end of the rod to tie the new line. tie the new line to the old one with two clinch knots.. Open the small wire arm on the reel – it's called a bail – by flipping it up. run the fishing line through the first guide on the pole. make sure the line is coming off the spool in the same..., now you are done with the preparation stages, and you are actually ready to put a line on a spinning reel. just take the line from the filler spool first and cover around on the spool before tying it up nicely to the spool. you can tie the knot anyway you like, but the best way to do it is using a double knot..

Today, evan shows you how to put line on a fishing reel. the same process applies for all reels. subscribe + enjoy!, properly put line on a reel. spool a reel with line in only a few minutes and fish with it right away..

Let's keep it simple, right amount of line on the right way and a few extra tips to keep the line twists away., wrap the end of the fishing line over the spool, which is the indentation in the middle of the reel. bring the end of the line back towards you and tie the line together in an arbor knot. an arbor knot is done by first tying an overhand knot. tie a second overhand knot at the free end of the line.