Discoid Roaches For Sale

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Discoid Roaches For Sale

Discoid Roaches For Sale. Discoid roaches are a very popular feeder roaches, especially in Florida. They are one of the only Florida legal roach species and . $11.95. Green Banana Roaches. $34.95. Small Discoid Roaches. $12.99. Surinam Roaches. $19.95. Death’s Head Roaches. $3.00. Horseshoe Crab Roaches.

1/8″ – 1/4″ Extra Small Discoids. Out of stock. 1/4″ – 3/8″ Small Discoids. Out of stock. 3/8″ – 1/2″ Medium Discoids. Out of stock. 1/2″ – 3/4″ Large Discoids. Blaberus Discoid roaches for sale in starter cultures with approximately 25 mixed size nymphs. These are fast reproducing roaches that will make excellent .

Blaberus discoidalis is a large sized feeder species that has been in the roach hobby for as long as it has existed. This species is commonly kept as a feeder and . Discoid Roach. Blaberus discoidalis 50 mixed: $20 (Contact for availability) 100 mixed: $35 (Not available) 500 mixed: $150 (Not available) Blaberus discoidalis .

roaches are more cost efficient to use than other feeder insects and Discoids are available at Ready Reptile Feeders. Buy  Discoid Roach Mixes Online Here. In this order you will receive a 10% Over Count on 25 Discoid Roach mixed nymphs.. CHECK OUT OUR OTHER AMAZING ROACH SPECIES FOR SALE!

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